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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Everyday most useful computer shortcut keys for computer users

Easy Shortcut keys for Windows XP, Vista, Win 7

If you are a regular computer user, than here you can find very useful list for computer shortcut keys. You can use this shortcut keys instead of normal access, because shortcut keys are always quick and fast. For example if you try to open “My Computer” in any OS like Windows Xp, Vista or Win 7, than the normal process would be : Start + Program Menu + My Computer or double click on “My Computer” icon on desktop. So you can shorten this process by using shortcut key : Windows Key + E button on keyboard. So if you want to open “My Computer” than you don’t need to use mouse by using shortcut key.

Shortcut key

Following computer shortcut keys you can use on daily basics.

List of Computer shortcut keys
Shortcut Key
Windows Button + Tab
Aero Flip all opened Application
Windows Button + P
Display Mode / Projector
Windows Button + U
Control Panel / All Control Panel Items\Ease of Access Center
Windows Button + L
Lock your System
Windows Button + D
Show Desktop Screen
Windows Button + M
Minimize all Application and Software
Windows Button + F
Search Files or Folder
Windows Button
Open or Hide Start Menu
Windows Button + E
To Open My computer
Windows Button + R
To Open Run
Ctrl + A
Select All
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + V
Ctrl + X
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + Y
Ctrl+ F4
Close the Active Pane of an program or Application
Ctrl + R
Refresh Webpage
Ctrl + p
Open a Print Dialog Box
Alt + Space Bar
Open MMC Menu of the Application
Alt + F
Open File Menu of the Application
Used to Rename a Selected File or an item
Shift + Delete
Permanently delete a File or folder
Alt + F4
(Function Key) Close the Active Application
Alt + Tab Button
Switch Between Opened Application
Alt + Print Screen Button
Take Screen shot of desktop

  • To Shut Down your computer in Windows XP, you may use this short key : Press “Windows button” key one time and two time continues “U” key
  • To open “Task Manager” quickly use Ctrl + Shift + Del key
  • For zoom in, you can use : Windows button + Plus sign
  • For zoom out, you may use : Windows Button + Minus Sign key
In above list you can find most usable shortcut keys for daily use. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me via comments.
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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Bios Update guide for HP/Compaq series Desktops

Easy BIOS updating guide for HP/Compaq PC

Here you can find steps for update bios for HP and Compaq series desktops (Including bios driver finding, downloading and installing). BIOS full form is : Basic Input Output System.

Important Note :
BIOS update, also well known as “Flash the BIOS” replaces the bios old firmware. When completed BIOS update successfully, you can fix or enhance aspects of a computers performance of provide support for newly installed hardware. But if an incorrect update is installed or if the BIOS update process is interrupted, motherboard can be permanently damaged, leaving the computer unable to boot. We are strongly recommended to update your BIOS only if one or more conditions apply.

Why should you update the BIOS?

  • Bios update can fixes a problems with your system.
  • Bios update enhances computer’s performance in a desired way.
  • If you want to change your operating systems, processors or other features and your current BIOS version can not support the new configuration.
  • An HP support agent or an HP support document, recommends that you download and install a correct specific updated BIOS.

Preparation of updating the BIOS version

Before you start Bios update process ,the following tools and information are needed to perform the steps in this document:

  • PC Model number (located on the nameplate and/or on a sticker attached to the computer)
  • Good Internet connection
  • If your computer does not have an Internet connection, use another computer with an Internet connection to download the update and save it to removable media (for example, a CD or thumb drive).
  • A printout of this document

Step 1:
Find your current old BIOS version number

To easily find current BIOS version number please read below steps carefully :

  • For Windows 8 : from the Start Screen, type “msinfo32”
  • For Windows 7 & Windows Vista : Click Start button and type “msinfo32 in search box and than select msinfo32.exe from results list.
  • For Windows XP : Click Start button, Select Run and enter “msinfo32.exe” in open field, then click OK.
Now find the System Information window under the System Summary Category and look for the BIOS version and date entry as per shown below image.

Bios Update

BIOS Version/Date
Please write down the BIOS version carefully and continue to next

Step 2 :
Find BIOS Update

To download right BIOS file for your computer, find the specific product number on your PC and do the given steps.

  • First go to HP software and driver downloads webpage by click HERE.
  • If the software and Driver Downloads page opens, asking for your operating system, then go to step 3.
 Bios Update 1

If HP customer Care page opens, and asking for your product number, please follow below steps.
  • Enter Product Number
  • Enter your model product number and then click on Next. If necessary, select product from the list.
  • Now select Software & Driver Downloads.
  • Now select your operating systems like Windows 7 64bit (you using on your computer) and then click on next.
 Bios Update 2

NOTE : In the selection list, if you cant find your operating system listed, BIOS updates for your computer are not available for download from this HP officially website at this time.

Bios of HP

If a BIOS category is listed there, click the plus sign (+) to expand the category.
If a BIOS Category is not listed on website, the original BIOS version already on the PC might be the latest version.
If you find several BIOS updates available for different motherboard names, you need to find out which motherboard is installed in your PC. TO do this please turned off the computer, remove side panel and carefully read the printed name of your motherboard (Name of motherboard should be match or be similar to the name of the download link.
If you find BIOS version listed is the same or older than the current BIOS on the PC, you may exit from this procedure at this time. Your PC does not require a BIOS update at this time.
Installing a wrong BIOS file, it is not compatible for your computer could case the computer to stop working.

Step 3 :
Download and Install the BIOS

This is final step for this BIOS update procedure. To download and install the BIOS update for your computer, read and follow instructions on this download page carefully and complete the following steps.
  1. Please close any opened programs and temporarily disable your PC’s anti virus program before installing the BIOS update. You can re-enable anti virus protection after successfully BIOS update process and it is recommended.
  2. Click the download link next to the BIOS update file and choose RUN or SAVE depending on you, how would like to install the update file.
  3. If you want to install BIOS update, please double click on downloaded file and follow on screen instruction. Please restart your PC after successfully BIOS update installation.

Now you can find the latest version of BIOS installed in your computer.

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Remove any Master Boot Record infection (Malware) with Kaspersky TDSSKiller

Kaspersky Malware removal tool

Easy guide to remove malware from Personal Computer or Laptop with Kaspersky tool

It is not really easy to tell that your PC or Laptop was compromised or not, because this time hackers or cyber criminals are able to hide their code and conceal what their programs are doing on an infected PC. If you think your PC is infected with viruses or Malware.

Here are some common problems that may suggest that your computer has been compromised :

  • You may suddenly receive error like : “Internet Explorer could not display the page”
  • Many web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera are freezes of hangs
  • Automatically web browser’s home page changed and cant change again
  • Suddenly Computer runs slower than its actual speed
  • Automatically creates desktop icons that you do not recognize
  • Suddenly your PC restarts again and again itself
  • You may unable to open Task Manager, Control Panel, Command Prompt or Registry Editor
  • Unwanted toolbars appear at the web browser
  • You may get redirected to other web page instead of you want to go
  • You may see lots off error messages like files or folders are corrupted
Many types of malware will install a rootkit on computer, which will compromise Windows loading process. In this article we will run full system scan with Kaspersky TDSSKiller exe to remove this kind of malware rootkit.So how to download and install Kaspersky TDSSKiller and remove malware with this program.

Kaspersky TDSSKiller Installation Process

  1. First download the latest version of Kaspersky TDSSKiller from this KASPERSKY DOWNLOAD LINK.
  2. Double click on tdsskiller.exe, Kaspersky TDSSKiller will be start and display welcome screen. Here we will need to change Parameters

Kaspersky TDSSKiller

  1. In the new window,  please enable Detect TDLFS file system and click on “OK”
Kaspersky TDSSKiller scan

  1. In the next step, you should start a scan with Kaspersky, so press on “Start Scan” button

Kaspersky TDSSKiller ready

  1. Please wait while Kaspersky TDSSKiller scans your PC for Malware Infection.

Kaspersky TDSSKiller Scanning

  1. When the system scan process has been successfully finished, it will display scan result whether or not infection was found on PC. If infection was found you can see a screen similar to below screenshot.

Kaspersky TDSSKiller Malware

  1. If you found your PC infected with Malware, to remove this infection simply click on “Continue” button and Kaspersky TDSSKiller will attempt to clean malware infection. After this process you should reboot your PC to completely remove malware infection from your PC or Laptop.

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    Saturday, 23 November 2013

    How to Download and Install Line App for Nokia Asha Series 201, 305, 301, 205, 501 and more

    Line App for Nokia Asha

    Here is guide for installing Line App android app in Nokia Asha series mobile phones.

    Introduction of Line App

    Line App Messenger

    Line App is new application like WhatsApp and WeChat, with this application you can send and receive free messages and Stickers. There is amazing experience with Line App.

    Most Features of Line App :

    ·         You can share free Videos, Photos, Messages and Voices messages instantly.
    ·         You can dial free voice calls for 24 hours anywhere with good sound quality.
    ·         In Line App you can use lots of emotions and stickers available to chat with your friends.
    ·         You can block unwanted friends and Delete Friends.
    ·         You can play online games with your Line App Friends Online.

    Line App

    Instructions for Download and Install Line App for Nokia Asha Series
    Nokia Asha series smartphones are very attractive and low budget in mobile market. Line App supports following Nokia Asha series Phones :

    • Nokia Asha 305
    • Nokia Asha 300
    • Nokia Asha 302
    • Nokia Asha 305
    • Nokia Asha 306
    • Nokia Asha 307
    • Nokia Asha 210
    • Nokia Asha 301
    • Nokia Asha 202
    • Nokia Asha 203
    • Nokia Asha 306
    • Nokia Asha 308
    • Nokia Asha 311
    • Nokia Asha 310
    • Nokia Asha 501
    • Nokia Asha 200

    To download this app select phone or download for PC button

    Installation instruction for Line App:

    • First download and save Line App JAR file to mobile or PC using download link
    • If you want install from PC , you will need Nokia PC Suite to install Line App
    • If you want install Line App directly with Nokia Asha phone, first save Line App JAR file in SD card than open with mobile
    • You are done, Enjoy Line App…

    If you have any issues regarding Line App, you may contact us via comments, we will try to help.

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    Saturday, 26 October 2013

    How to Download and Install WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 301, 201,305,205,501 and more

    Easy installing guide to WhatsApp on Nokia Asha Series phone


    Everyone knows that Nokia Asha phone series is using different operating system. There is no Android or Windows OS in Nokia Asha Phone series. So we can not easily install WhatsApp for Nokia Asha series. Friends you can download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha series from Nokia store website, and it is safer way.

    Nokia Asha

    WhatsApp for following given Nokia Asha Series Phones.

    ·         Nokia Asha 210
    ·         Nokia Asha 301
    ·         Nokia Asha 202
    ·         Nokia Asha 306
    ·         Nokia Asha 305
    ·         Nokia Asha 300
    ·         Nokia Asha 302
    ·         Nokia Asha 311
    ·         Nokia Asha 303
    ·         Nokia Asha 501
    ·         Nokia Asha 200

    Download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha series mobile

    Step 1.
    Download WhatsApp by sign in to Nokia Store

    Step 2.
    If you want direct download WhatsApp without sign in CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.
    (The file will be JAD file, you can install it in Nokia Asha mobile and enjoy WhatsApp chatting.)

    Now How to Install WhatsApp in Nokia Asha series phone?

    • First download WhatsApp from provided links.
    • You will get WhatsApp JAD or JAR file.
    • Open file from downloaded location (You are almost done) Enjoy…..
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